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Wishlist Addition

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I'm new to loopy, been using it about a week and it's awesome, but I've been using midi stuff for years and have dabbled in programming for a long time. I had a thought for functionality... what if we could create channel groups that a single midi command would execute for the whole group? For example what if I were using 12 tracks in loopy, and I assign tracks 1-3 to group A, 4-6 to group B, 7-9 to group C, and 10-12 to group D. Now each of those groups I use for a different song section, A=Intro, B=Verse, C=Chorus, D=Bridge. Now when I want to go from intro to verse, I midi button press from my controller and queue group B to play when group A finishes. Maybe even be able to nest groups, or have tracks be assignable to multiple groups.
Just thinking out loud!

Greg Mann
Newark, OH USA


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    If you've already created the 'sections', why don't you merge them into individual tracks?

    Put your finger on one track and drag it onto another, they merge into one.

    FWIW, I'm still trying to find a suitable verse/bridge/chorus solution that suits my workflow and song choices.

  • @gbmann It's on the facebook wishlist already.

  • I would love to see a 'Stop/Start' midi controller feature. Along with a 'Stop/Mute/Play next muted' This would help in so many ways.... I love the app though. Using a Blue Board and short of having only 4 options without changing banks, which to me is cumbersome, I love it! Love Loopy, great app. Needs to have the same functionality as say the RC-50 though. A few updates to controllability and it would have it.

  • I don't know if is posible to export separate loops

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