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So, I have been using loopy for awhile now, and I have gotten some equipment over the months to improve my experience. In order for me to share these experiences though, I want to be able to record my Loopy audio as well as being able to hook up a camera or two and post it as a video with the synced audio along with it.

The equipment that I have, if it is necessary to know, is a FCB1010 to iRig MIDI to an iPad, SM57 Shure to XLR to iRig pre to the iPad. I also switch out the iRig pre for the regular iRig to input guitar audio. This is an SG Gibson to 1/4 to a Line 6 POD which go to Line 6 FBV Shortboard pedals and to the iRig to an ipad. The headphones I use connect to the iRig pre or iRig.

If y'all could address these simple film/camera techniques, as well as being able to record these as a whole, then I will much thank you for helping me.


  • TomTom
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    For capturing the screen i can recommend to jailbreak and use "Display recorder".
    I took the sound from the recording function inside Loopy.
    The different video's i synced and cut in Sony vegas pro (as i use windows).

    If your iPad is new enough, there is another option to sync the display out to a computer and capture the video there. You'll have to pay for the software. Can't remember the name right now.

    Shot with only iPods iPad and phone's

  • Tom, first off, I have to say i was not expecting you to reply to my post. I love your videos so much, and you're the reason why I started wanting to loop! You just inspired me to do these things, and now I love them. So thank you, so, so much! :)

    But you actually recorded all the scenes with the iPods independently, then edited the audio and independent scenes together?

  • TomTom
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    Why thank you.
    These are the devices i used: iPhone4, iPod 5, 2 Samsung phones and an iPad 3 just for recording the video's. I used my iPod 4 for the looping, sound recording and recording the loopy display. Everything is done in 1 shot. Then i transfered all the files to my laptop and edited them in Sony Vegas Pro. It was a matter of syncing them all up once, and then just play with which angle to show at what time, and ofcourse copying the black and white corner video loop.

  • Great work (playing and video!!)

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