MIDI feature request for volume/pan

Hey Michael,

I've been having a lot of fun recently with Loopy HD hooked up to my M-Audio Axiom 49, using the sliders and knobs to control the volume and panning respectively. One thing I'd like to see implemented (forgive me if this has already been suggested) is the option of ignoring MIDI volume/pan changes until the value on the controller matches the value in Loopy. As it is at the moment, if I forget to set the sliders back to the mid-position before I start a Loopy session, I get sudden changes in volume when I go to mix. Not a big deal as I'm not playing live with it yet, but would be very handy for the future.

Another thing I'm trying to set up is looping along to a backing track - all synced of course. I've got the MIDI sync working between Loopy and Ableton on my PC, but I'm struggling to figure out how to work the loops into it. Say I have a 2-bar intro (with no loops), then want to record 8 bars and loop, I'm not sure how to accomplish this (unless I turn off count-in recording, which defeats the purpose of syncing). As it stands I'm putting 6 bars of silence in front of the 2-bar intro to get it to loop correctly, which is not going to be workable in many situations. Am I missing something here, or is this a limitation of Loopy?

It would be great if Loopy eventually had the option to play a backing track (just once/not looped) behind any loops and have it all synced- but I might be getting ahead of myself ;)

All in all I am ecstatic with Loopy and eagerly await Audiobus and future updates :)



  • Hey @thatsRayor,

    Ahh, yes! I haven't addressed that yet, but I'm aware of the issue and will probably be working on that soon. Thanks for reminding me, though.

    Hmm, backing tracks.. Not really something that Loopy's designed to handle, and I don't currently have plans to implement such a thing. Is there a third-party app or something that could play and put out a clock that Loopy could be slaved to, maybe?

    Thanks heaps for the kind words!
  • So far I haven't been able to find an app to play an audio file in the background while syncing via MIDI, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

    I do run into similar problems in other situations as well. Let me try giving a simpler example: let's say I want to record my first loop of 4 bars to the metronome. I start the clock and press record, but I'm forced to wait till the end of the 4th bar to start recording. So Loopy will only start to record at the start of the 5th bar (and 9th, 13th etc.) Is there a way to start the record on any other bar? (say have Loopy start recording at the beginning of the next bar? still recording for the same length, just starting at a different time)

    I hope this is more clear now. This seems like an incredibly simple and useful feature, so I hope I'm just missing something here.

    Thanks as always for your reply!
  • Can I add to this ..I'm having the same problem. Choosing the number of bars is also specifying the same number of bars count in . So if you want a loop of 32 bars you have to wait 32 bars count in ! can this be changed .I want my 32 bar loop to start recording immediately on the next start of loop. So loop length independent to count in please.
  • I'm glad it's not just me having issues, Wally :)

    I've just realised that having it set up the current way would be really useful when queueing loops to record. I would happily sacrifice that ability for the option to start recording at the next bar - or even better, a customisable count-in length independent of loop length (as Wally said). It would open up a lot of possibilities for me if it could start recording on the next 1/4 note beat, for example...
  • Hey guys - this is on my todo list, ideally for this next update, but perhaps the next one (which won't be too long after). It'll be a configurable count-in length (from 1 bar up, or whatever the current clock length is, which is the current behaviour)
  • Michael: can't wait! Any chance of 1/4 note and up? ;-)
  • Hmm. Yes... Yes, I can see how that could be cool. Done =)
  • Yes, please! & thx
  • Fantastic!! :D

    I can't wait till Audiobus hits so I can fling some more money in your direction. In the meantime I'll keep recommending Loopy to anyone who'll listen ;)
  • Heheh, that's very kind of you ;-)
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