USB powered MIDI keyboard into the FCB1010 MIDI in

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I'm thinking of buying the Nektar Impact LX49 but it is usb powered. My idea would be to connect the midi keyboard into the FCB1010 (which has a midi merger) and then into the griffin studio connect. The Nektar Impact LX49 does not have a separate AC power in.

Does anyone know of an alternative way of powering the piano or would this be an impossible setup?


  • I think you could use a powered USB hub... not from personal experience, but just a guess:

    Nektar>USB hub>MIDI USB converter cable>FCB1010>iPod

    At that point you might rather just find a keyboard that has 5-pin MIDI out.

  • I would think that your Nektar would be able to send MIDI over USB. You could try connecting your ipad, your studio connect, and your keyboard all to a single powered(!) hub and play the crapshoot if your ipad recognizes all three.

  • Thanks both for your input. @Boberto the studio connect has no usb. It's connected directly into the 30pin connector. I guess i'll be better off with buying a semi weighted, ac powered baby like this one.

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