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I've only just started using the app and have worked most things out, except for the following: I have copied/imported loops from various apps but no longer need them. How do I delete them to clear up some space? I was somehow able to do it yesterday, as it said that it was copied to the clipboard of my iPad Mini - it disappeared after it was copied. Today, I'm using my iPhone 5s and the loops are different - as I said, this has been imported into a Users Loop Inbox, while the other was only a clipboard copy.

In the image where the inbox is, is where my clipboard copy was. As soon as I used it, it disappeared from that location - which I didn't need anymore. I just can't find a way of clearing or deleting the inbox. I couldn't find any discussions which were similar, so I posted my own to make it easier. Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.


  • I know you can delete them using iTunes file sharing. Connect your iPhone (or iPad) to iTunes, click on the device, click apps, and then scroll down to file sharing. Click Loopy, and then just highlight whatever loops you don't want and press delete on your keyboard.

    Have you tried swiping them left or right to bring up a delete button?

  • swiping left! that´s what i was looking for. thanks...

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