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Loopy for Windows Phone

Hi! I'm a new Windows Phone user and i have to say WP is much better than any smartphones, you gotta try it yourself. so please make Loopy for Windows Phone! I believe WP will supersede iPhone/Android next year, i bet you'll leave iPhone/Android or any other smartphones you have once you touch it.

Please make Loopy app for WP!! :D


  • I totally agree!!! I love my windows phone! I've had it for a while and it runs better than any other smart phone i have ever had. And YES you should make loopy available for WP!!!

  • Only WHEN number of users of WP equals or supersedes the ones of ios it will make logical sense to make a version for that platform. At the moment, of all popular mobile platforms, only ios is widely recognized as a way to go. Things may change, but not quite yet. I presume there's also other pressing developments such as Audiobus that keep the man busy.

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    Michael has already stated that he doesn't have the resources to develop an Android version.

    I think it's because there are too many variables.

  • please on android, surely there are developers out there ??

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    Windows 8.1 App and Windows Phone App would be outstanding. Schools, especially our music classes, would benefit greatly from this app if it were on a Windows Computer platform.

  • TomTom
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    A normal windows computer without soundcard would suffer from too much latency. What i understand is that android phones suffer from the same problem. Maybe they fixed this now with the newer models... Ha, even just shooting a video with my Samsung Galaxy S2 has the video and audio out of sync by about 1/3th of a second

  • If anyone is looking for PC-based looping, Mobius is a great option. It is open source, free to use. With a bit of programming, it could be made into a workable loop station on music class PCs. That is probably as good as it gets on PC.

    I really don't think Loopy HD will be available for platforms outside of iOS very soon. So many reasons against it, including audio hardware limitations of other mobile devices, market size of Windows Phone music apps, and the fact that Loopy is a one man dev team!

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