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Live guitar looping at a party. Katana by Depapepe

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I used a 4 bar loop at first, all the others are 8 in length.



  • Tom, you are killing it! nice one.

    I also love that you are doing all this thru an iPod Touch (4th gen?)!!

    what audio/MIDI interface did you decide on using with your FCB1010?

  • Very nice!

  • Yep, still stuck on my 4th gen. I'm using an iRig MIDI and a Cherub GB2I which is similar as a normal iRig, so i have a significant loss in bass and overall sound quality.
    Living in Thailand makes certain goodies less easily available. I ordered the Griffin studioconnect from america which a friend will bring over. I'm thinking of adding a small MIDI keyboard (alesis v49) to the performance too, but since the iPod 4 and iPhone 4 can't use audiobus properly i'll be forced to start using my iPod 5.

    Anyone got the MIDI working on a non official 30pin to lightning adapter?

  • I bought a non-apple 30-pin to lightning. Didn't work.

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    Hi Tom. I've seen you use the Behringer footpedal in your videos. I really dig what you do with your set up. As a matter of fact, hearing what you did with the fcb1010 and loopy is why I went out and purchased the foot pedal. I'm a complete beginner and I don't know how to set up a binding between the pedal and Loopy HD. Can you walk me through setting up one binding. Been going through the manual over and over for the fcb1010 and am not sure I'm even accessing the correct settings in loopy as well. Any help would really be helpful. Thanks.

  • Why thank you. I love it when i inspire people.

    First, what midi interface are you using? Have you tried the free app "Midi Monitor" to see if there is any signal coming in yet? I did not change anything in the FCB1010 as it worked peferctly out of the box. Any press will send a unique PC (program change) command, which loopy instantly picked up in my case.

    Also in loopy go to settings > midi > and in "control inputs" select your midi device, then assign bindings.

  • Hey Tom. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm using an Edirol UA 25 interface. It's an older audio capture device that has been working pretty good with loopy and a microphone. It has midi capability and I want to connect the fcb1010 to loopy with it. I'll check out the midi monitor app to make sure there isn't a signal problem and make the adjustments in loopy. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again:)

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