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Length of Loops

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Hi - I am a totally new user but really enjoying playing around with Loopy. I have a question. Actually, 2 :

  1. If I record a loop and I don't hit the end of the recording exactly, how can I shorten the length of the existing loop so that it matches up on time? For example, I record my voice on a background loop, and the length of the recording has a gap at the end - how would I edit the loop so that it repeats without the gap in there?

  2. And .. I saw on the Jimmy Fallon thing there ( sorry … ) there was a count in - I cannot seem to get it activated on mine. Could someone please advise?

Thank you for your help,


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    Welcome to the World of Loopy!

    For starters, have you checked out the built-in Help? It is really quite Helpful ;-)

    Item 1 is something one must practice.

    However, assuming you are not Live looping, you will need to trim it in another App and bring it back into Loopy. If you are Live looping, then I am afraid you will just have to practice until you get it right. That is part of what makes Live looping what it is, part art, part craft.

    I use AudioShare, there are a number of Apps that will work. You can also use iTunes file sharing and trim it in you favorite Mac/PC audio Program.

    Item 2 ( count-in -turned On in settings!) requires that the tempo is set before the first track is recorded if you want to use it on the initial recording. Once there is a track recorded, the tempo is set automatically if it was not set originally, and count-in will work for all subsequent tracks.

    Hope that helps. And again, the built-in Help does a really good job of covering the basics and then some.

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    No need to be sorry about Jimmy Fallon :) all of us Loopy users are stoked to see this little-known app get some big attention.

    (edit: revised this post when I saw Ganthofer answered ahead of me).

    Also, as long as you get that first loop right then your next loops will line up if you turn on synchronize, count-in and count-out. Those are all under "settings" > "Track Management"

  • I still can't get it so there is no gap at the end of my recording. It's like there is a setting that ensures a few seconds once I stop recording. How do I fix that? I want a continous loop without a pause when I'm live looping.

  • Is there, perhaps, silence at the START of your loop? Loopy starts recording as soon as you hit go, it doesn't wait for you to make noise.

  • It seems to me that the initial track tutorial says nothing about "practice" or pre-set measures. Based on the actual, very first instruction, whatever you choose to enter between "tap to start" & "tap to stop" should be the loop from which all else flows. Alternatively there should be a coherent, pedantic "how to use" manual that fills in ALL the so-called "intuitive" steps for those less adept at figuring out what is left unsaid.

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    I so want Loopy to work for me, I have subscribed to the Beta test emails but not had much time to spend over the last couple of years, I hope to start using loopy again now though. However, I'm a guitar player, I need both hands to play so, while starting the loop is fine using the autostart feature stopping is impossible without a gap between the end of the track and the end of the loop. Is their going to be an edit function in future releases?

  • This might help you. If you pre-define your BPM and bars and set your metronome, then you can hit play button before you start recording a track. You will see the circle spinning according to how many bars you set. If you hit your track button to start recording AFTER it gets past the 12:00 position, it won't start actually recording your part until the light gets around to the 12:00 position again (and then you will notice the track go bright orange, in recording mode). This gives you a little time after you hit the track button to get ready to start playing on the start at 12:00 position. And there won't be any silence at beginning (but on the other hand, you have to be good at starting right on beat at 12:00 position, or you might chop off the very beginning if you start playing too early).

  • Little teaser, Loopy Pro will also have a built-in auto loop detection feature, so you can just start playing and it’ll figure out where the loop boundaries are and crop it.

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