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Metronome and loops

edited March 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hi Guys,

I would like to play live with the loops and the internal clicktrack/metronome. Is there a way to filter the clicktrack from the output so the audience doesn't hear the metronome? I'm thinking for instance about panning the metronome to the left and the loops to the right so I can capture them separate? Any experience or tips on how to handle this challenge?


  • I'm afraid not right now, @Hylke - this is something I'm planning to do soon, though (ideally in the next version if I can squeeze it in).

  • One work-around solution for now: Dedicate one track to metronome, panned all the way to one side.

  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your answer. That is the workaround I had in mind as well.

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