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Volume on Playback is Much Louder


I saw a similar post to this back in January under the "general" section, but it doesn't seem to have been officially addressed or corrected.

I'm running my guitar through some pedals, into the Alesis IO Dock, through a new iPad 3 with Loopy HD, and out to my guitar amp. The record function works, and the playback sounds fine except that it is consistently very noticeably louder.

According to the other feed I mentioned above, there have been some really cumbersome (yet creative) solutions that involve buying and lunging around a decent amount of extra gear.... :P

My thought...is there anyway we can get a software update that simply addresses the issue? I can't image it would take all that much extra programing just to make the playback come back at the exact same pass-through volume, right?

Any other feedback is greatly appreciated.



  • Hey Bryan,

    Hmm, that's interesting. Out of curiosity, what happens if you use the main volume controls on the side of the device? Does that affect the playthrough volume too? Is monitoring switched on in Settings?

  • edited March 2014

    Hey Michael,

    So, the volume on the iPad itself doesn't change anything, and the volume on the side of the I/O dock affects both the play through and the play back equally, so no solution there.

    When I turned on the headphone monitoring, I got this crazy slap back delay sound coming through, but when I turned the headphone monitoring back off, it solved the problem! Not sure what happened there, but I'm happy to say that everything sounds good and is working like a charm :)

    Thanks for the help,


  • Wow! That's rather mysterious. Well, if it happens again, do let me know the details - it sounds like a weird bug.

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