Is multi-channel routing a possibility?

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Hi Michael.I'm coming at this purely as a musician.I have no idea of the technical difficulties,except that I believe it's possible to build in 8 channel audio with IOS apps.
Is this likely to happen with Loopy?

The reason I ask is that Loopy could seriously compete with Ableton as a looper for live musicians - if we could add effects or manipulate the audio of individual loops (hopefully by routing to a dedicated effects app).

I know you posted a link to an app called audiobus,which,as far as I can tell,is along these lines as regards routing.
Could this be integrated with Loopy?

I'd be willing to pay a lot more for Loopy if it had this feature,along with a few more minor things -
one of which is "Mute/unmute selected loops at the end of current loop".

I appreciate that Loopy started out as a cool and fun app,but it's tantalisingly close to rivalling $500 software in this particular niche!

I don't know what the market would be for a higher spec'd Loopy,but it might be worth testing the water by having a thread dedicated to what functionality people would expect from a more expensive app,how many would be prepared to pay,and how much it would cost.

The looping "world" (!) is a mess of controllers,complicated workarounds,external midi command routing etc etc - even when you've went to the expense of buying,say, Ableton Live and a high-end laptop.

To think that all of it is potentially possible with ONE iPad,ONE foot controller,and ONE audio interface is tempting/frustrating/amazing.

So how about a more expensive elegant high-end solution,seeing as you have a head start in this area?

A quick look round the internet will show you how many people are using the likes of Ableton solely for looping,from "serious" artists to nerds to bread and butter "pub giggers".

Ableton has lots of features loopers don't need - and is missing lots of functionality they DO need.
Bitwig (a 64bit "alternative Ableton" ) is apparently still in Beta.

Sorry for the long post,and the arguably limited viewpoint,but just to finish,and re-iterate -

Ableton Live 8 - €399.
Macbook Pro(or similar) - €2000.

Add in any (incomprehensible) external midi functionality programs,many months of head scratching and cursing,an inferior looping interface to Loopy,crashes and incompatibilities,a rats nest of cables and controllers.

Despite all this,many musicians are laying out thousands to get the kind of functionality that Loopy,given further development,would be much more capable of.

Just a suggestion!


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    It's possible to mute/unmute loops at the end of the current loop. Enable 'Count-In/Out Mute' in the settings and then either tap each loop you want to mute/unmute, or if you want a hands-free solution get a programmable MIDI foot controller.

    I'm fairly sure Michael is aware of the possibility of multitrack looping as you describe it, and it sounds like future updates (along with Audiobus) will go a long way towards achieving this perfect setup. Personally, I can't wait- maybe if we all chip in we can help Michael get there sooner? ;)
  • @that'sRayor - thanks,to tell you the truth I've been up to my neck in Ableton lately,so I stopped using Loopy because of the (understandable) limitations.

    Yeah,I do use midi controllers - that's part of the problem!!!!

    I just made another post that's closely related to the whole thing.

    I can't wait either.Do you mean we should send Michael some cash to show our support?

    I can only say "When?" and "How Much?".

  • I haven't even looked at how to control Loopy using a midi pedal,because I've been up to my neck trying to find a solution using my PC.
    What I need/want and what seems to be possible are not too far apart.

    It would probably require a serious time investment from Michael,and he has a life,I know.Hopefully it would repay him,and bring about a solution that no-one could afford to ignore.

    As regards Midi - Either a seperate midi app,or a built in midi-routing panel would be a serious step forward,and would bypass (in the computer realm) ALL of the serious headaches that are seemingly inherent in so-called "flexible user control".

    Instead of externally programming a midi pedal,how about this for an idea -
    a midi function panel where you press a pedal on your foot controller.Lets say a "note on" message.

    A button lights on the midi panel to confirm it recieved the message.
    Then you tick checkboxes in a Loopy (or other audio app) "Options" panel to map what functions you want to be turned on/off with this switch.

    The parameters of CC messages could be assigned where the input is a variable.

    I know this is beyond the realm of what Michael intended,but someone will end up doing it,as the whole picture for loopers (and any computer reliant performers) is a bit of an unconnected mess with even the best of what is,at a price,available to artists working with computers.

    Right now I'm using a KMI Softstep and an iPad running my own design of 6 seperate panels in Liine Lemur to control Ableton.The iPad is in an Alesis iODock,purely for the Midi USB link,and my audio is going through a Focusrite interface into a PC with a eSata RAID hanging out the end of it.

    It's pretty much a different world to Loopy,but very close in the desired result.
    The only real advantage in Ableton is running VSTi's and having control over the individual effects on loops.

    I'd gladly give up the VSTi's,and I'm sure most of it is possible anyway (or will be) through using sync'd apps.

    The disadvantages of my current setup are numerous (I already went on about all that) - and Loopy is far superior from the GUI control aspect.

    A self contained or even an easily integrated modular approach on iPad with Loopy would be like a DREAM.
  • Hear, Hear!!! Ditto to everything Jumbo said! Yes, Michael, I am checking the forum everyday to see when the next release is out.

    Based on what Jumbo said, I would consider him a "power looper". And everything he said about current alternative technologies is true. With a few tweaks in the right areas, this app could be world class!
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