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Does the ioDock power two bus-powered controllers?

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Hey everyone! First poster here, but I've been lurking for about a week. Started using loopy about the same time, but still haven't plugged in my main ax yet (bass). I have a Griffin Studio Connect on the way this week, but I might send it back for an old ioDock. Which brings me to my question...

Will the old(or new) ioDock power two bus-powered MiDI controllers? I just got a Qunexus, and am ordering the new Arturia Beatstep. They are both bus powered, BUT they can be plugged into the ioDock simultaneously. The qunexus would use the usb midi IN on the dock, while the Beatstep would use the 5-pin MIDI in. Would the ioDock's wall wart power all of this?


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    There is no USB (master) midi on the Alesis ioDock. Or rather, the USB connection (type B) on the ioDock is for connecting to a PC/Mac. You would need to perform @untergeek 's USB hack to connect USB devices to the ioDock.

    And as far as I know, the 5pin midi connection does not power the midi devices connected to it

  • Just fresh off the Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt, I'd say, skip the IO Dock and skip the hack, and use the time to work up the money for an iPad Air (or Retina Mini) and get a Focusrite iTrack Dock. It's really sleek, and it's got one USB master connector for your Qunexus.

    Judging from my past experience with my iPad 3 on the IO Dock, you'll get rid of some performance issues as well.

  • Thanks guys! I actually do have the Air, so I'm good on that front. I'll check out the focusrite - I've heard good things about them!

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    The focusrite looks cool,especially with the mini...thanks for the heads up.

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