2 phones, loopy on both, same session?

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2 musicians, both with loopy running, but on different phones, looping on the same song. Aside from a very well-timed trigger sync , is it possible to link the 2 sessions/phones as one? One guy playing bass while the other plays guitar on separate phones but synced perfectly? Thanks in advance!


  • If I understand your question, you want to sync loopy on both phones so that the loops start in sync and then each record your instrument on his/her own phone

    In theory (I only recently got an iPhone and have an iPad but haven't tried), if you loaded a loop/track onto both (or perhaps set the identical tempo and maybe clock length) you could use Midi sync (one as master the other as slave). Starting the master looping, should start the slave.

    Best would be hard wired midi (if your interface has midi), next wifi midi ( preferably nothing else on the wifi network ), next would be Bluetooth (something like Apollo).

    Midi sync seems to be a bit finicky on iOS in General. There seem to be more posts about apps/devices that don't sync well (or at all) than those that do.

    Give it a try, and please let us know what the results are either way.

    If I get some time, I have an ioDock and a Studio connect to try the hardware method. I don't have wifi at the moment but may in the near future and I have the Apollo app for Bluetooth midi. I'll post if I manage to try any.

    Best of luck

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