Knob/Velcro Foot Controller on the cheap

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What can I say- it does what I need it to do with flexibility. Small heavy duty circular cut velcro is attaching the knobs to the keys.


  • There ya go!

    I gotta say, I would probably hit that "clear all" binding on accident mid-song ;-) but otherwise, looks great.

    Also, stick a "bank 2" label on the caps lock and you will have additional commands available for any knob that is on a letter key.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea about the caps lock! that is awesome- and yes- I need to swap the locations of mute and clears.I have accidentally hit clear in my early trials. It is easy to swap with the velcro knobs.

  • Great idea! :) What did you but between the button and the keys to acheive the height? Cork? Thanks!

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    No the base of the 98 cent plastic drawer knobs gave me the height needed. I am considering glue gunning the knobs on but I hate to ruin a keyboard. I may sacrifice one though to more solidly attach the knobs. Bought the knobs at home depot.

  • Ok great, I just got a 15€ bluetooth keyboard from amazon and ordered two sets of IKEA SÄTTA knobs, I hope they'll fit. Today, I tried TESA Powerstrips, they seem very stable but can be removed, if ever wanted.

    I just ran into one issue, maybe Michael can also comment on this: When using the Capslock as "second bank" (great idea by the way), this only works with the numbers and chars. All the other keys (including line and dot), either the iOs or the keyboard itself seem to send the same char though (so "-" with capslock on is still "-", and not "_"). This limits the second bank-option a little bit, and is especially an issue if the keyboard is not that wide. If it would be possible to have the second bank as a programmable key, and use als the other keys as well (including arrows, enter, etc), this would be great, because the available space on the keyboard wouldn't be limited to the chars. What do you think?

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    @m_o - Just an F.Y.I - that is the way a normal keyboard works. Caps lock, locks only the letters (alphabet) keys ( makes them Capital instead of Lower case), the rest require using the shift key.

  • @Ganthofer: Ok, I didn't know that. Anyways, I'd find it great if Loopy 'd have it's own "second bank" - i.e. a programmable key like all the others. This would allow for two banks using also the function keys, wouldn't it?

  • @m_o - have you been to the Facebook poll for Loopy requests? If you feel it would be useful and can convince enough like minded users, then it is possible.

    Personally I don't think a second bank toggle would be that useful. 1.How many binding/button combinations can you remember? 2.while I applaud your's and other's ingenuity, the Bluetooth interface was intended for the commercially available Cicada and Air turn type devices. 3.a standard Bluetooth keyboard works for those wanting touch access to Midi bindings that are not available directly with one touch of the screen. And 4. I would prefer @Michael spend his time on other options/improvements/fixes.

  • @Ganthofer: I'm unforunately not on facebook, is there any other place the request can be posted?
    I can understand your arguments, but for me as a guitar player, many buttons need to be on the foot do play seemless. My bindings are comparable to the ones posted above, but the second bank is to modify the clock length, tap the tempo, etc. But I understand that this feature request is not on top of the list (maybe even on the bottom), still Id'd be a "nice to have"-one.

  • Just an update. Once I got comfortable with the knobs in the right places I glue gunned them on. So far so good.

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