gamepad = DIY midi controller?

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gamepad as a DIY midi controller. will it work on iOS ... in background?

someone would have a gamepad at home to test it with loopy?
My question is if it works in the background.

thank you


  • I have an old gravis game pad pro usb. Plugged it in via CCK on iOS7 and got the device not supported pop up message. Maybe another brand will work but this one doesn't work at all.

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    I think that most gamepads send keystrokes (for example: up,down,x,y). If so, it will not work in background.

    I noticed at the end of the video that he explains you have to have a program that converts the keystroke commands to MIDI if you want to use it as a MIDI controller.

  • from what I read, diy gamepad is widely used in applications for PC / Windows and is set to MIDI. Maybe he's better than a simple qwerty keyboard.
    I also saw that there own gamepads for mobile phones and even bluetooth versions. But I never had one and do not know how it really works.

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    this application requires jailbreak ... but it seems that enables many different gamepad with iOS. (iCade, Bluetooth Keyboard, iControlPad, Wii Remote, Zeemote JS1, PhoneJoy, iMpulse, PS3 Controller, Duo Gamer)

    Is there any other alternative without jaibreak?

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    I saw some brands own gamepad for iphone and work with bluetooth. Just do not know if it would work in the background with Loopy. For if the same technology as a bluetooth keyboard will not work. Anyone have any info on this?

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  • @Ronaldo - I think the consensus is that any bluetooth controller is only going to be recognized by the active foreground app.

  • I experienced blueboard (which is bluetooth) and runs in the background, but has few buttons. The challenge is to have bluetooth in the background, and how many buttons you want.

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    But I'd bet that the only reason Blueboard runs in the background is because of the accompanying app which converts the data to midi.

    Unless you can convince Nic to update MidiBridge to somehow recognize Bluetooth keyboards/game pads and convert to midi, I'd say Bluetooth keyboards/game pads are going to remain foreground only.

  • What I discovered is that some brands of gamepad have up to four types of connection (qwerty, midi, app, and more). blueboard created an app that makes the pedal work even in the background. ja gamepad is something created for another purpose (games). they run on Android without locks, already on iOS, always with restrictions. regrettable that.

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