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Only hearing left

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Hi, i hope someone can help me, in the last sessions i've been doeing i only hear the left part chanel, when i pan to the right I dont hear anything, but when turnin on the mtronome it does have sound on both sides, also when hearing at some sessions I did yesterday, I really hope someone can help me


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    The only thing I can think of is the selection of the input channel on Loopy. If you are using an Audio interface for input, there should be the possibility to choose.

    For example, I have an Alesis ioDock with 2 mono audio inputs. If I'm just playing guitar (mono) I have to choose the correct channel (1) for it to be on both the left and right. If I choose 1+2 then it is only on one side ( don't remember right or left). And if I choose 2, then I hear nothing on right or left.

    If this is not it, tell us your setup (e.g. iPad with CCK and xx audio interface with mic connected to input X, ....)

  • Hey, i'm having this problem.. mic into input 1 = left side of headphones, input 2=right side. This happens in loopy, but not my other app, "tape" which kind of came with my itrack dock.

  • @iLLEST - like @Varo, whom I assume discovered how the input selection on the panel works (as we have not heard back from him), what you are describing is correct. Without an external audio interface (e.g. itrack) you only have the built-in mic, therefore there is no selection needed and none possible. The mic is mono and the Left and Right receive the same signal.

    When you use an external audio interface with more than one channel (e.g. iTrack - 2 channels), Loopy allows (requires) that you select the input source. In your case, the Left channel, the Right channel or Both Left and Right. If you only have one of the inputs connected (e.g. 1 or 2) but input selection in Loopy is set to L+R then only one side of the audio has sound coming in. With only one input connected, you have to select the correct channel in Loopy, either Left or Right to hear it on both sides of the stereo recording.

    Hope that makes sense. If you need more clarification, let us know.

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