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help! Loopy HD unstable

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how to clear the memory of loopy hd? because after playing and close multiple files recorded with various tracks, becomes unstable and closes (I have a mini 16gb ipad)



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    If you have closed Loopy ( double tap Home button and close), and it crashes when you open it back up, the only way I know to resolve this ( since loopy loads the last open session on start) would be to uninstall and reinstall loopy ( first save you sessions and recordings in iTunes file sharing or equivalent - iFunbox iExplorer)

    If you can open it back up with out crashing, I would recommend going to Help > Feedback/support and select Email support. It will send log data in the email so that Michael has a place to start. Also, any specific sequence of step to reproduce ( number of loops, size of loops, other apps open) .

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    @Ganthofer, It closes when trying to open a new recorded file (with several tracks). I think when the cache is full, Loopy is very heavy and can not stand ipad mini. If I had a way of giving a refresh.


    are loops with more than 1 minute which should generate enough memory consumption on 6 or more tracks. but that you only notice after opening the file or fourth teiceiro already recorded.

  • Definitely send a Support email from with in loopy right after you open it back up after closes/crashes.

    As far as I know (@Michael posted some where about it) a Loopy Session is limited by the amount of Ram, not the storage capacity.

    Have you turned off the mini (power down) and restarted?

    Also, you can try cMemory (I believe the basic version is free) to see how much free memory you have and then have it refresh and see how much it can free up.

  • thanks for the tip, I already downloaded and cMemory tests. Really consumption is very high. I'll have to think of the retina ipad mini coming soon.

    see the result before and during use Loopy HD

  • With the 1st gen Mini only having 512mb, I could see that you could hit the limit quite easily. Are you still on iOS 6, or are you on 7? 7 also uses just a little bit more for operating ( so I've read).

  • yes, iOS 7. Imagine using other apps simultaneously with audiobus for example?

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