Audio interface for Iphone 5

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I am sure this has been discussed already A LOT, but I want to make sure that this would really fit my setup.
I play guitar, have a bunch of things in my signal chain and ultimately I'd want to place the looper right before the power amp. So here is the question: what audio interface would I need? Would something like this:

suffice, in order to have professional audio quality? I mean, 44.1 kHz and 16 bit (at least)?
Also, could the input level damage the iPhone sound card?
Thanks for the help!


  • Just my opinion, using the headphone/mic jack is not going to be good quality. It will be 16bit/44.1kHz, but it will be any where from slightly to extremely noisy. Also there have been so posts/articles on the frequency limitations due to the fact that it is designed for making telephone calls with a headset. You need something that connects through the lightning connector.

  • Examples? :) I am quite new to this, I really don't know how to approach it...

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    Take a look at this topic on the AudioBus Forum

    It comes down to $$(cost), portability, and features. How you plan on using it (e.g. Sitting/standing at/near a desk) can play a big part in what will and won't work well.

    I have an Alesis ioDock and Griffin StudioConnect (both with 30pin) for my iPad3. I now have an iPadair and an iPhone 5c with lightning connector, so I simply bought an Apple lightning to 30pin adapter cable ($40 US).

    Neither of these are extremely portable (in your pocket). The ioDock was $150 US and the StudioConnect I got on an open box clearance for $21 US. so for me, the adapter cable was the least amount of money for the same functionality I previously had. It might be the way to go if you find the older (30 pin) interfaces on sale.

    Caution on buying a Non-Apple adapter!!!!

    The lightning connector does not have the analog audio connection the 30pin had. The Apple adapter actually has an A/D and D/A to provide the analog i/o, most of the knock-offs don't. Also the video out is not supported by the adapter ( it also was analog). This only matters if the 30pin device you are connecting use the analog i/o.

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    Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel used the Apogee Quartet to record live on the Tonight Show with Loopy. But Apogee has other iOS recording gear that connects directly to the iPhone or iPad via lightning cable, like the JAM(for Guitar), MiC, ONE, and Duet. Here is a link about the gear used on the Tonight Show:

  • I'm so sorry that i can not help casue i know nothing about guitar.My ferinds may know,i can ask them for help!

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    I am new. I have an iPhone and a guitar. I am using AudioBus, JamUp Pro or sometimes BIAS, and Loopy HD, using the JamPlug HD. The audio seems good quality as far as the guitar-in/app-processed-audio-out with the JamPlug HD. I have been putting output through a Roland MicroCube while I learn how the iPhone apps work. I have used the MicroCube's accessory input as well as sometimes the usual input with the Microcube's COSM set to microphone. Both methods seem to yield good results.

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