How do you Verse/Chorus/Bridge? Favorite midi bindings?

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I know this issue surfaces from time to time and I'm interested in how people approach this with Loopy.

I mainly do ambient stuff so I'm not always doing lots of verse/chorus but I get the idea that it's a big deal for some users. I do a monthly cafe gig and I'll often experiment with different midi bindings from gig to gig.

I use a boss FC50 midi controller with 5 pedals (I could assign more, but I don't want to deal with scrolling through the pedal's different banks when I'm playing live). My bindings - this week - are;

1/ toggle record and select next track

2/ toggle mute (starts recording on first touch) track 2

3/ toggle mute track 3

4/ clear track - I use it like a surrogate undo

5/ toggle track synchronisation

Anyway...for verse/chorus I'll usually:

1/ set up a basic rhythmic track on track one to establish my loop length.

2/ toggle mute to start recording track 2, that's my verse. Using the count in record and count in/out mute function in track management gives me plenty of time to mute track two and...

3/ toggle mute to record the chorus on track three.

4/ then it's a matter of muting one section and unmuting the next...I view it that pedal two now turns my verse on and off and pedal three turns on and off my chorus.

You could add another binding (toggle mute track 4) for a bridge section if you needed one.

I love count in record and count in/out mutes for seamless transitions! And switching off count out record is brilliant for me, because I never wanted to be tied to that clock cycle thing for loop lengths.

I'd love to know how other users approach Verse/Chorus stuff.


  • Thanks for posting that stj. It's different to how I'd 'ideally' like loopy to work, but I'll give it a try when I put my foot controller back together. I probably need to re-think my thought process, which follows...

    I thought I WOULD LIKE to see a binding that just does 'record - playback - stop - resume playback' on one button in that order.

    Another button would 'stop track at end of loop and playback next loop' (what would be EXCELLENT is if the same button recognised a long press and did the above, but 'playback previous loop.

    Another button for 'select next' and another button for 'select previous'. (Or, if long press was recognised, one button could cover 'select next' and a long press on the same button would 'select previous'. With this 'proposed' setup, I'd get away with only using 4 (or 3) buttons for all my looping requirements.

    BUT... as the first two bindings don't actually exist, this proposed workflow is just pie-in-the-sky. (I actually can't believe there's STILL not a binding that just does 'stop' or 'play')

    Like I said, your method is now on my 'to try' list.

    Good thread too. I'm very interested to know what others in the 'verse/bridge/chorus/other' crew are doing too.

    Bring it on...

  • I vote for muzza's bindings:

    • start/play
    • stop
    • stop track at end of loop and play next loop

    I don't use the looper for laying down live loops. I have all pre-created/stored loops (ala backing tracks for v/b/c). So I want to open a session of pre-recorded loops, hit "start/play" -- and move through the song sections.

    I don't know if this is possible, but since I have >100 stored songs, it would be especially sweet to have a "end session/open next session" binding. I would number my sessions so they're in the order I want. This would be really nice...

  • @muzza - the function you described is [illogically] exactly how the "mute" function works on any selected track -
    Track is empty --Press1-> Track Records --Press2->Track Plays --Press3-> Track mutes. Press 4 - Track unmutes, but doesn't play from the beginning, just from wherever the loop is at the moment.

    @blugruv - it sounds like you just want a sampler/MPC sort of sequencer then? I don't think loopy is the best program to use for the situation you've described.

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    @Boberto - thanks for the input, but it's not "exactly" what I described. Close, but no cigar.

    "but doesn't play from the beginning, just from wherever the loop is at the moment" makes that option a non starter for me.

  • Hey Boberto, I'm close to getting my live setup going so this is perfect. When you say that the Mute function works as recording, then muting, then unmuting, on that 4th press, are you saying that it will start playing wherever it is on the track, or does it still work like the count in function? Like if the rotation is half way through and you press that 4th time, will it play right from ther,e or will it start blinking and play at the top like it would using it with your fingers?

  • If you have mute count in/out turned on then you can hit mute anytime during it's cycle but it won't turn on or off until the start of your loop cycle. Double tap (either fingers on screen or with a midi controller) and it will turn on immediately. Three taps and it will unmute immediately.

    With mute count in/out switched off the track will mute and unmute with a single tap/midi message.

    Using the count in/out is great for getting sections (like verse to chorus) to transition smoothly if you need that. You just have to get used to hitting pedals or the screen before the start of the loop cycle, effectively preparing one to mute and another to unmute when you get back to beat 1, or the top of the loop.

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    Another button would 'stop track at end of loop and playback next loop' (what would be EXCELLENT is if the same button recognised a long press and did the above, but 'playback previous loop.

    Just wondering, @muzza, have you tried the "Mute and play next muted track" binding? What you describe sounds quite a bit like that function, to me. Loopy doesn't do long presses just yet, but this might come close.

    As for start/stop, does "Toggle session pause"/"Toggle session pause and restart" do what you need?

  • Looks like my question's already answered over here:

    Toggle session pause and restart restarts ALL the tracks at the same time.

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how this should work, though: If you just stop one loop, wouldn't that place it out of time with the rest? Or is it more important to be able to do those kind of manipulations without keeping the loops in lock-step?

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    The way - I - would like to use loopy is purely as a part-time fill-in for a solo / duo performance doing covers.

    My use of a looper is really simple, to carry the strum pattern while I throw in an awesome, smokin' lead riff (yeah, I wish...) then turn off the loop and carry on strumming and singing badly.

    If I 'STOP' a loop, it starts from the beginning next time I hit 'PLAY', but if I use something like the 'MUTE AND PLAY NEXT' option, the sync should keep going. So if I'm playing a verse along with the loop and go into a chorus, which also has a loop, it will be able to transition seemlessly from one to the other. Loopy seems to have this function already, (mute and play next?) but I need to spend more time exploring the options (when I'm not at work, keeping the missus happy, or playing with the kids, or coaching the kids soccer team, or surfing, or sleeping, or actually practicing my guitar, or...)

    But if I turn off a loop that I don't need for a few more bars, as I'm not following a metronome, the next time I hit 'PLAY', it should start from the beginning so it's in time with ME.

    I tried to describe what I require about 8 posts above this one.

    Would the 'MUTE AND PLAY NEXT MUTED TRACK' binding go from, say, loop 1 to loop 2 and back to loop 1 if there were only 2 loops recorded?

    To address you actual question @Michael, maybe using 'toggle session pause and restart' would work if there is an option as to which loop restarts. (maybe it already is an option, but I'm at work and can't check)

    Another option would be to just 'pause session' and have another binding for just 'PLAY' to restart whichever loop is selected.

    I guess my 'STOP' request equates to the 'SESSION PAUSE' binding, but the 'RESTART' bit is what's making it fall over. (for me)

    I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain. I just read over what I've written and I'm confusing myself now. (Not hard to do...) I think I'm starting to talk in circles... Lemme know if you need me to clarify anything...

  • I would like to see the ability to "tie" two loops together (maybe by pressing the loops simultaneously) so that starting one (either by count in or not) automatically stops the other. This tie could show up graphically between the loops during the count in to let the user know what ties exist on a loop. Each loop would have the ability to mute other loops at start or be muted by other loops at start. Great app btw!

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    Plus 1 to this ^^^^ !!!

  • Plus 1 to this.
    (maybe colors assigned to the cursor turning round each loop could help there, linked loops could have a common color (different from the current white that could be kept for unrelated loops). First related loops would have blue cursor, then green for next one, etc.

  • Indeed! You'll find this in Loopy Masterpiece once it's done =)

  • This is quite an old thread. It looks like Michael took these suggestions to heart as he built Loopy Masterpiece.

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