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My MIDI foot controller and Presonus interface both have MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connections.

If I'm only sending MIDI messages from the controller to the iPad via the interface, is it necessary to connect both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT? There are no messages being sent back to the controller are there?

Couldn't I just connect ONE cable from MIDI OUT on the foot controller to MIDI IN on the interface?

Also some clarification... (Sorry, I know I've asked this elsewhere, but I need an answer today) does USB MIDI behave like 'normal' MIDI, in that it will still send messages to the app if the app is not In the foreground (the active app) of the iPad?


  • Dunno about the USB MIDI, but if you are only sending commands from one source, you only need one cable. I have nothing plugged into the MIDI IN of my FCB1010.

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    @muzza - I can not say 100%, since I do not have a USB Midi connection to my iPad, but Hardware Midi (e.g. IODock, Studio Connect), Virtual and Network Midi all work with Loopy in the background, so I would expect that USB Midi would also. Hopefully some one who uses USB Midi will chime in and confirm.

    Note: USB Keyboards or any device iOS recognizes as a keyboard (for typing - not a USB Midi musical keyboard) will only work on the forground (visible) App.

  • @Ganthofer, please tell me more about Virtual MIDI and Network MIDI?

  • @muzza - Virtual midi is App to App, no cables or WiFi needed (the Apps are on the same iDevice). There will be a setting for Virtual Midi In/Out. Network (I should say wifi as there is no network cable) would be between an iDevice and another iDevice, Mac or PC (with Tobias Erichsen's rtpMIDI installed) over a WiFi network. I have not played with it very much, but I did have my FCD1010 connected to a PC and could send Midi commands to my iPad. There can be problems if the WiFi network is not isolated just for the Midi use (varying delays).

  • Ganthofer, I will be getting the FCB1010, and was wondering if you have any experience with using the MIDI thru on it? I would like to find some sort of mixer or something I can use to control Loopy together with the Footpedal and wondered if there were any hiccups when using 2 MIDI devices at the same time for the same app.

  • @Guitarmadness - I do have keyboard (Midi 5pin Din) but I haven't used it at the same time as the FCB1010.

    In this post - http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/comment/3911#Comment_3911 @chadsell say he uses it.

  • Awesome, thanks for the link.

  • I did try to have an old random alesis keyboard controller running MIDI thru my FCB1010. The problem was that this controller was very "noisy" [sent a lot of useless MIDI data when nothing was happening] so some packets from both were getting "lost" along the way. I ended up using a super old midi merge box I got off ebay for $20.

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