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Popping noises

I'm very new to Loopy and so far I'm very impressed. Unfortunately my experience is being dampened somewhat by popping noises when playing back.
I'm running audiobus (opening that first) with 512 buffers, amplitube and sampletank as inputs and loopy as an output. I've switched off headphone monitoring as that seemed to give me latency (does that make sense to you?It also gave a chorus type effect when it was turned on). I play a drum beat on track 1 from sampletank on my midi keyboard, and then strum a riff on the guitar. And when it playus back there's popping and stuttering.
I'm using an iPad Mini (not the new type - the one that's been out for just over a year) and I'musing an irig pro interface for midi and the guitar, as well as an irig blueboard.
Latency doesn't seem to be a problem - it's just the popping (although I know that's all caused by the same things that cause latency. Setting audiobus to 256 buffers makes no difference (although I inderstand if anythig that should increase the popping).
Hope we can sort out the popping - please don't make me go back to my Boss RC30, (although it is a mighty fine looper - Loopy is just far more versatile!).



  • I've had similar problems in the past. It appears to be hit or miss in regard to which app is being used in the input slot of AB. Try putting the iPad in airplane mode and completely close out all but the app you're currently using. Also keep it in 512 frame buffer size. I'll try this weekend and see if I can reproduce the behavior. If so, I'll post and let you know.

  • I've had some occasional start up issues, when everything is popping away...not necessarily with AB.

    Usually one or two reboots of the iPad (aka turn it off and on again) takes care of this.

    Of course, we might be describing totally different pops!

    Good luck

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