This is how I want to have my MIDI bindings. Is it possible?

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I'm still exploring Loopy and still find the whole MIDI thing confusing. I recently bought a Ditto looper and I want to emulate some of the one button functionality in loopy, with some changes.

My needs are pretty simple. Playing covers in a duo/trio and being able to switch between verse and chorus/bridge etc... So,with the available bindings, could I do the following...

Button A: Press once, start recording selected loop. Press again, stops recording and loop plays. Press again and playback stops at end of loop. Press again and playback starts from beginning of loop. (Maybe one other function... See below)

Button B: Press once, stop playback at end of current selected loop and start playback of next loop. Press again, stop playback of current loop at its end and start playback of previous loop.

Button C: select previous loop

Button D: select next loop

I'd need to get a 'clear loop' command in there somewhere. Could I add 'click and hold' to button A to clear the selected track or would I need a 5th button?

If the above can be done I'd have all the Loopy functionality I need with only 4 buttons.

Also, does Loopy recognise 'press and hold' clicks or 'double' clicks? That could get me down to 3 buttons...


  • Loopy doesn't recognise long or double clicks to send different midi messages.

    It seems like lots of people are trying to find the perfect verse/chorus/bridge bindings in loopy. I don't know if this is the most efficient way but I have done this:

    Button A: Toggle Mute track 1 (toggle mute will actually activate record on it's first touch and then act as mute on/off as it's name suggests)

    Button B: Toggle Mute track 2

    Now we have a verse and chorus that you can mute on and off at will. You could repeat this with Button C for a bridge.

    Turn on Count-in Count out mute and Count in recording, so you can hit your mutes on and off before the start of the cycle and they will mute or unmute (or start recording) bang on beat 1.

    This method means that you need two foot switch actions to change from one section to another but with some practise you get used to it.

    How do other users do the verse/chorus thing?

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    Midibridge allows for holds.

  • Do you use that with your uber board?

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    What's midibridge?

    [edit] Googled. Looks very interesting @Ringleader. Tell me more about it, ie, how you use it...?

  • I have set up MIDI Control mappings on my iPad so u can use a HELIX with it, but i'd like to transfer them to my iPod Touch 6 which i've just brought solely for use with Loopy HD. If both devices ore logged on to the same iCloud account is there a way they can share preferences so that both get the same setup metadata as accessed in loopy settings ? Or do things like MIDI control assignments get saved in the session files ?

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