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Help!! Audio drops out during playback

edited May 2012 in General
I never had this issue before, and I actually have a show coming up where I will be using loopy live on stage. Nothing has changed, other than recording lots of new material, could having lots of sessions cause issues? Already cleared HD space, quit all other programs, put it in airplane mode....I'm at a loss and need this to work!


  • Does it drop out completly or just drop in level to be quieter than you had set up?
  • Cuts out completely, like a skip in a cd.
  • Damn, I'm sorry to hear that, @conor23. I've recently completely rewritten Loopy's audio engine, which is in an update that's almost ready to ship. I'm hoping that this will just fix your problem. Stay tuned.
  • Any news on the new audio engine? I'm still having the same issue so I'm really looking forward to the update.
  • Never mind, I see that I should read the new forum posts first...very excited for the update, loopy is the app I use for pretty much all my new works as well as for live performance as I mentioned before.
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