Boss RC3 recording a clean loop and overdubbing a distorted loop

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I recently bought a Boss RC 3, and everytime i use it, I record a clean loop, change to distortion, it changes the recorded loop to the new sound.
The only way i can figure a way round this, would be to put all my instruments through my 4 channel mixer, then connect the RC 3 to the stereo outs of the mixer, there has got to be a way of getting different sounding loops using a basic set up.
It's the same with the looper on my Boss GT 100, My head is battered!
Any help welcome!


  • You might want to check on the Boss forums.

    ...but if you decide you want to give up your hardware looper and go with looping on your iPad or iPhone, Loopy is as good as it gets ...and some would say better :-)

  • +1 on Loopy ;)

    Can you describe your signal path? Where is the RC3 in your signal chain? It sounds as if your distortion is set up after your loop pedal...if so try placing the looper last.

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