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Hello all,
I have scoured the forums, but it seems that everyone's particular setup is unique to their situation. To be totally honest, I have spent years trying to understand "gear speak", but not much to show for it. That said, any help is appreciated!
What I want
I want a live setup that will enable me to record a loop on the drums, then bass, then ____ (trumpet, guitar, keys, etc.), then vocals with minimal setup time (we're talking playing open mics....setup has to < 3-5 min.).

What I have
All instruments mentioned. Using the iPhone 5. Currently using a small mixer (Behringer xenyx 1002) to connect instruments to one source (Loopy) via the iRig. iRig 1/8" out goes to the house mixer via 1/8" to XLR cable. To control loops, I am using the Softstep.

What I don't know/where I need help
Issues thus far....
1. Triggering Loopy when all my limbs are otherwise engaged at the drum set. The Digitech Jamman has a cool feature where it starts looping when it gets a strong enough signal. With Loopy, the best I could figure out is to set a tap tempo and use the count-in feature. This, however, requires me to be 100% accurate, and I wish I was the good of a drummer. I need to start with the drums, otherwise I'd have to have a great monitor feed to me behind the drum set to hear the initial loop (So basically, TL;DR I can't trigger Loopy to start with my hands or feet because I'm laying down a drum track.

  1. Triggering Loopy for the drum track when my softstep (and Loopy app) are at the front of the stage. Right now, I have a midimouse ( But it's all about setup time, and this extra pedal (and cable) is adding unnecessary time. I have seen bluetooth pedals pop up. I was thinking about using that back by the drums to trigger without the cable headache.

  2. Setting up a mic over the drum set. This is usually not an issue, except that I need to remember to kill the mic input on the mixer so that I won't get bleed through when recording other instruments. Other ideas/options?

  3. Eliminating the mixer altogether. I was thinking about getting an iRig Pro ( This would enable me to connect the Softstep the midi in on the iRig Pro (to trigger loops), and then the main input for instruments OR mics. The problem is that it's one or the other (there's 1 input). I have thought about getting an A/B Box (except a much more diverse one, such as these: But this is where my "knowledge" get's fuzzy. No idea if that's the best (or even a possible) solution. My thought was that I could put all instruments into this device (hard to call it a "looper" when it doesn't loop like the way I mean), and have everything channeled into the iRig Pro. I'd tackle volume control by setting all volumes on each instrument (keys, guitar) and set the mic volumes as the "main" volume.

  4. This one's silly, but I'm dumb. I can't figure out for the life of me how to get a MIDI binding that will trigger recording with immediate overdubbing after it. In other words, I step on a pedal to record. When I'm done, I hit another pedal that ends the initial loop and immediately starts to overdub. While that overdub is recording, I'd like to hit another pedal that allows me to trigger the NEXT track record (while stopping the overdub on the previous track). Confused?

Track 1
Pedal #1 = record
Pedal #2 = complete Track #1 loop and immediately start overdubbing
Pedal #3 = in the background, while overdub is happening on Track 1, trigger the "count-in" for recording on Track 2.

Phew. I've stepped away from looping for a while because I wanted to try "human interaction with band mates", but that just took too much time with too many people with opinions. Haha!


  • 1 - Loopy doesn't have an auto-start on loud signal mode. Using a bluetooth device [simple keyboard will work] and setting up a key-binding to it will do you fine.
    2 - Electronic Drums
    3 - Sounds like it should work, though you'll probably miss the control a mixer gives you.
    4 - "Mute Then Overdub"

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Boberto!
    For anyone who's willing to help, here are some continuing thoughts...

    1. As for a bluetooth binding to trigger the first loop, I am guessing it might have to be triggered via biting down (not a joke). The issue is having all 4 limbs busy (with maybe the exception of the left foot hi-hat). Or maybe setting up some sort of "motion" trigger and sticking it to the kick drum (which is usually on the 1st beat anyways). Does anyone have any experience with creating a "vibration-triggered" bluetooth device? Sounds like it's well out of my league....
    2. Electric Kit is a decent solution, but I am still shying away from it. Despite looping itself being a somewhat "artificial" way of making a band, the electric drums just have a stigma to me. But great food for thought...I would just need to get over it, I suppose :) As of right now, I have a cocktail set and might find a way to attach a mic stand to it. I think I might just need to remember to turn the mic on and off.
    3. Good point. It will take some experimenting. Any other solutions/ideas?
    4. I will check out mute then overdub. I definitely found some clarity on another forum post about mute acting as both record and mute.

    Thanks again!

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