Interface for Guitar and Iphone 5

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Hey folks,

it seems to me that Loopy is better than most guitar loopers for hundreds of dollars. Now my question is if it is the right App for me.

I want to do some postrock-stuff with my guitar and some delay-pedals.

My setup: Guitar->effect pedals-> Iphone 5 with Loopy and an interface (but which one?) -> Kemper Profiling Amp via SPDIF to Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 -> PC

It is possible to do this? I want to connect the Iphone-interface to a Behringer FCB1010.

Thanks for your help an sorry for my english, I am form Germany :)


  • I would say, get the Griffin studioconnect lightning. It has everything you need. Unless maybe later on you want to combine using an active mic. It lacks phantom power. It has guitar/line and MIDI ports.
    I dont know of another reasonably priced device that also charges the your apple while in use.

  • Thanks for your answer :)

    But I am not sure if it is possible to use the iphone just for the looping. I play the Amplifier through Studio One for the computer, so Loopy just hast to act like a effect pedal, is it possible? On Youtube it looks like that the people often use their ipad for recording.

  • The iPhone can perfectly be used as an effect pedal. Hence, this is how apps like Amplitube, Jamup and Ampkit work.
    You got an input, and an output.

  • If considering a newer studioconnect, go with the HD instead of the Lightning version. 24-bit alone would be enough to justify the HD.

  • Does it also justify the price difference? $39 vs $199...

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    No I meant a newer lightning version studioconnect (lightning vs. HD). Now that the HD is announced, I think the studioconnect lightning is dead in the water. The $50 difference between these two is more than justified In favor of the HD (24 bit, phantom power, USB/MIDI host port, and also works with Mac). The older 30 pin studioconnect is still a good deal at $40 for sure, especially if you use an older 30 pin iPad.

  • $40 studioconnect plus a $35 30pin to lightning adapter might also be an option if you don't want to pay for the newer HD model.

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