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I'm new here and I'm going to buy this app, I would just want to make some things clear:
I want to record different instruments, like guitar, voice, some pianos, etc, but everything acoustic.
So, what I need (apart from the app) are just the pedals, to be able to do it hands-free.
What do I need to buy? I read about it here, but often I don't understand if that is for electric instruments, with pickups...
Because all my recordings will be with a mic (I think).



  • Things to consider:

    Since you want to be hands free, the foot controller will either be Bluetooth or MIDI ( Standard 5pin DIN or USB). Bluetooth is built-in, Midi will require an interface.

    Will the built-in Mic be sufficient? If not, you will need an audio interface. What type of mic's? Will they need a power supply?

    How long of sessions are you planning and will the batteries last or do you need to charge the iDevice will recording?

    Answering these should help narrow down what, if any hardware you might need/want.

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