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Loopy+DM1 Sync Help? MIDIBus?

edited February 2014 in Support and Feedback

Has anyone been able to successfully sync Loopy and the DM1 Drum Machine app? How? Did you have to use MIDIBus?
I've tried to have Loopy be the clock master and slave DM1 to it but while it will start ok, the two drift apart.


  • Just to let y'alls know - Save your $1.99 MIDIBus sort of worked but not really much of a help. MIDIBus can act as a clock source for everything, but the problem is that both Loopy moves a little off time, but more importantly, since MIDIBus isn't Audiobus compliant/enabled, switching play/stop involves a couple of screens and app switching. I wish Loopy could feed the clock to MIDIBus which could stabilize the clock to other apps, but that doesn't work. Things still drift.

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