Line6 Shortboard?

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Anyone get this working with their iPad and more importantly Loopy? Even through a powered USB hub I'm getting a notice from the iPad that the device is not compatible.


  • I don't think those any of those Line 6 foot switches send midi information. It's a shame because I think the shortboard fits heaps of switches in a small space.

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    Only the MKII versions work with iPad/iOS. I've used the short board with powered hub and still have the express and they both worked fine.

  • I just want to make sure we are talking the same thing Ringleader. You have gotten this Line6 board to work with an iPad via a powered hub?

    So, just want to make sure we are definitely on the same page here before I continue to work this out. If that is the case then I need to see what's up with my powered hub.

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    Yes. I owned the SB MKII for a while and it worked. I now own the express MKII and it also works.

    Be sure the controller is powered before plugging into the iPad. If you connect to the iPad before the controller is powered you get the error because it will try to draw the power from the iPad.

    Just realized I have not used either with iOS7 though. I waited until I got my air until using ios7 and have only used other controllers since then. Maybe that is it?

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    Aha...I stand corrected! I didn't know there was a Mark 2, that's great. Let us know how you get on.

  • Ok maybe the OS is the issue. Good call.

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    Wow, I just tested my express on my Air and I got the same not supported message! That is really unfortunate because the only reason I kept it around is for possible future iPad use. This was my main controller on iOS6 for a while. Sorry for saying that it works, I had no idea that iOS7 killed it! Could have sworn it was class compliant. How could iOS7 kill it like that? This is really odd...

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    My son has an iPad 1st gen (iOS5) so I just tested it and the express still works on there so it must be iOS7 that is causing the issue. That or maybe the chip in the new Lightning USB adaptor has something to do with it? The express is only confirmed to work for me with the 30 pin CCK since I don't have a lightning to 30 pin adaptor.

    See the pic of MidiVision recognizing the express mkii (on iOS5). This is scary to think that in a future OS my current controllers may just stop working. How can Apple be regressing like platform like this???

  • That is a shame. I really thank you for testing. I think I'll stick with my plan and hack the heck out of a usb keyboard and build my own controller. At least that has a better chance of staying supported.

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    You're welcome. Glad I know now too. The korg nanokontrol also makes a good brain for a controller, aside from it not sending program change messages. But you can convert the CC or note messages to program messages in Midibridge and if you are only controlling loopy, it doesn't really matter anyways. They are cheap (I just got a backup brand new for $20) plus it comes with a nice editor. But you are right, one day it might just stop working due to a new iOS update!!!

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