My latest version of foot controller to loopy

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with a bluetooth keyboard for ipad adapted to 7 buttons.

I think I'll make to sell, because it was very good lol



  • Ha, thats beautiful. Try making a 15+ button version. The 10 on my FCB1010 are not enough.. ;)

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    my impression or the photo is upside down? he he


    Yes, it would be great. But for 15 buttons, I believe that would be with little space between them, since the process is mechanical right on top of the key to be pressed on the keyboard.

  • @Tom, Now compact foot controller BT with 14 buttons and working

  • Picture!

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    It works, but the buttons were very close.

    I've updated to a version with 10 buttons, removing the four buttons in the middle line. So no risk of pressing the wrong button.

    With eight I have thought good, now ten was great lol.

  • Beautiful! It reminds me of some dutch chocolate treats ;)
    How does it work in practice? Does it respond well?

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    yes, but I'm improving. Last week I bought a mini ipad should arrive tomorrow and the Lightning cable. Then yes, I can carry heavier tests because my iphone 4s heats up a lot and stopped using it not to damage it.

    But it is a simple mechanical process using the bluetooth keyboard for ipad. You select the desired keys and creates devices that go down to be tight and then back.

    It's all very simple, it just requires patience to improve it.

  • My current setup: GR-55, hibrid guitar, ipad mini and foot controller with 10 buttons for Loopy HD

  • here's another idea for button placement:

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    yes, each uses what is most familiar. I live on a beach, I used pans of ice. lol

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    I'm making mine with marshmallows. 10 marshmallow version each for every toe.

  • yes, your sound will be much sweeter lol

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