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Hello everybody,
I've been making some music with loops the last months with a Boss Rc 30, and I was decided to purchase a rc 300, but last night I found about this amazing Looping app, and I have a few questions to decide what to purchase
I am a saxophone player so the things I saw with the foot switch seems perfect, I just need to do thing like Start recording, overdub, undo, mute, and I think all of those things can be done with the switch control, the questions I have is if loopy will work with my Ipad wich is a 1st generation (the ones that dont even have camera), and if it will work with my audio interface wich is an Akai Eie (it works at 16 bits, I think I've seen information that it works with Ipad but I have never tried, and I would like to know if it works with Loopy).

And the other things I would like to know is working with this audiobus aplication it will work with programs where I can add fx into tracks like reverb, sync delays, phaser, distortions, etc, and also if conecting it to fx pedals, like a Gt 10 it can be midi sync so it will tell the loops BPM so I can use this gear to input delays and other kind of Fx.

Thanks to everybody for reading this, I've been having a hard time making my mind if I should get this or the Rc 300 for my Live Looping

Alvaro Murcia
Bogotá Colombia


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    edit. Check out Mobius by circular labs.
    You already have an Audio interface. That will get
    you up and running. I highly recommend purchasing Loopy too.
    It's worth the price, super cheap. eventually you can buy a
    CCK to test your AKAI EIE with it too.

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  • Agree with Nicks21kg, Mobius is a good one.

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