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I play guitar, harmonica, and recently began playing the EWI. I am currently using a Boss Looper pedal, but am interested in using Loopy. I have been looking at an iPad air. Can anyone suggest a I/O device? I have tried searching this forum, but I have not found it yet.


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    Welcome aboard.

    Sorry, I'm using an ancient (by iOS standards) iPad 2, with an ancient (by iOS standards) Alesis 30 pin iO dock.


  • @MarkCid84 - I have an iPad air (also and iPad3), but my current i/o devices are both 30pin (Alesis I/O dock and Griffin Studio Connect). I'm waiting on a lightning to 30 pin adapter which should make them both functional with the air.

    I don't think either of these would be right for you (even the newer Griffin with lightning) because it looks like you need a USB audio in for the EWI (not overly familiar with these) and analog lines in for your guitar (or do you Mic it?) and the Mic for the harmonica. Neither of these have a USB connection. The Alesis with @Untergeeks USB Hack might work, but the air doesn't fit in the dock and the Griffin has no USB capabilities (as far as I know) with only an 1/8 inch stereo line in and 1/4 inch mono line in.

    There are probably 100's of possible hardware combinations (e.g. CCK, usb hub, USB audio interface, USB midi interface, small mixer with at least one USB audio in,...).

    In order to give any really useful suggestions, I think we need a little more info.

    e.g. guitar output from internal pickups or microphone? harmonica via microphone (same used for guitar if mic'ed?) EWI connected via USB audio, is it class compliant? For busking/live performance (speakers/amp) or personal home recording/jamming (headphones)?

    Anyway, Welcome to the forum.

  • Sorry to break topic. @Ganthofer. How are you connecting your midi controller to the Alesis? I connect the midi out of the keyboard controller to midi in of the io dock and get nothing.
    Tried with more than one controller and still zip. I also have an iPad 3.
    Any input greatly appreciated.

  • @Ben - I use an FCB1010 midi out connected to Alesis midi in (Hardwire 5 pin Din connectors).

    Are you sure the midi cable is good? Midi only uses 3 wires, but my cables have all five pins connected thru to the other end.

    There was a firmware update for the Alesis quite a while ago, but it only had some improvements for hanging notes (Midi-wise as far as I remember).

  • Thanks @ Ganthofer. Actually, yes I've switched out cables and did the usual suspect trouble shooting. Oddly, when I connect the midi in/out of a midi synthesizer to the corresponding connectors on the io dock it works fine with the exception of some hanging notes. It's just that I want a midi keyboard controller dedicated to the iPad/ io dock, but all of them only have midi out.

  • @Ben - I have a Alesis Q25 keyboard controller I also have tried, and it works. I only connect the Midi out of the controllers to the midi in on the Dock. My guess would be that the dock is defective :(

  • EWI has 1\4" trs output. Guitar is a Gretsch hollowbody electric, also 1\4", and green bullet harmonica mic.

  • Still looking at the iPad air, but gotta find an I/o dock.

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