Serious Problem with Loopy

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i've a real problem with Loppy hd for my ipad 3.
Imagine the 12 styled loop menu, i tap on the first circle to record the first loop, the first loop starts correctly (although I can not record without the build in metronome because there is always a delay in registration and i don't know why)but when I finish recording the first loop and I tap the second circle to add a new loop the first loop stops playing (it mute itself), so I can't hear what I have done before. I tried to read the tutorial, but no help at all. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong with the configuration... any helps?


  • Use headphones and it won't happen.
  • Also, you can turn on the echo cancellation setting to make the device try to remove echoes and stop the volume ducking, but the results aren't always good. Headphones are by far your best bet.
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