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High consumption and battery heating with loopy

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It's normal heat considerably iphone 4s 16gb while using Loopy HD? I use cck adapter with a UCA222 and the battery level drops rapidly. Nor am using bluetooth yet.

Now ordered an blueboard, but I confess I am concerned because the consumption is even greater now.



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    I don't have an iphone (or a UCA222), but the UCA222 is being powered by the iphone via the CCK or are you using a powered USB hub in between. This will draw power from the iphone, and the more power that is being used, the warmer/hotter the iphone will be.

    One thing I find on the iPad that reduces battery drain (and there by reduces heat) is to dim (reduce) the brightness setting.

    Using a powered USB hub between the CCK and the USB devices you want to connect to the iphone will also reduce battery drain. It's a trade off between portability and battery time.

    Turning off wifi, bluetooth and even cell service, keeping only what is needed turned on will also help.

    Stopping/closing all other Apps will also help, depending on how cpu hungry they are. But it is always a good idea to have minimum Apps running when making music to prevent undesired glitches and stutters.

  • yes friend, I close everything and leave in airplane mode, but still not have a powered hub. I would like to find a way to use the stereo audio 30-pin port and can send power to the iphone at the same time, because unfortunately the CCK can not do it.

  • I was super excited to be able to use the iphone 4s with loopy (12 tracks) and even bought the irig blueboard. but with the battery spending 40% in two hours and overheating iPhone, unfortunately is not the solution you were looking for.

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