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I'd like to be able to record the vst's from my computer into the iPad. And apparently there is no other way but having an interface connected to the iPad. So what is the fastest interface for the iPad under 100 to avoid latency because I am using 2 interfaces then?


  • I don't have the answer, but just for clarification, you want an audio interface with 1 stereo line level input (i.e to connect you stereo line out from the computer).

    You are wanting it real-time transfer to the iPad as apposed to recording it on the computer and transferring the recording because? Just curious.

  • You can easily make audio clips of your VST parts on the DAW of your choice and then export them to your iPad using iTunes and import them into Loopy one by one. I would use Multitrack DAW as a go-between.

    If you'd like to do this in realtime, the Roland Duo Capture EX works just great. I use in with my iPad in my looper rig. Sounds clean. And has been completely stable. And it's so convenient, I use it with my Macbook on the go as well. I seldom miss my RME Fireface UC and SSL VHD preamps that are in my main production setup.

  • Check out iConnectMIDI2+ by iConnectivity. $89 box that routes MIDI and audio between iPad and computer (or between two computers). Works extremely well and does some deep routing/filtering/remapping of MIDI between 8 virtual ports and 2 physical DIN ports. Killer device.

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