Simplest first timer mic set up

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A friend of mine's teen daughter is interested in experimenting with looping her voice. I think this would be great for her, but I'm trying to convince the mother that this can be an easy set up on their Ipad.


  • The simplest way would be to wear headphones and sing into the internal mic of the iPad.

    Next step would be to use an audio interface and an external microphone.

  • If you are not satified with the internal mic and want to go for a external mic without investing too much,
    then get a USB microphone like "Samsun G Track" or Blue Yeti and connect it to IPAD using its Camera connection Kit via a "POWERED USB HUB"(A decent one from dell or something so you have less chances of damaging due to power fluctuations like in India)

    100 to 200 $ for microphone
    ~20$ for USB Hub from Dell
    20$ for apple ipad camera connection kit.

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    Similar question - I want to perform with my microphone and iPad connected to an audio interface, which is in turn connected to a sound system. Once I have recorded my loops via the microphone, can I still sing (perform) over the recorded loops? Will the audio come through the iPad or the sound system? Ideally I want the audience to hear the entire process, recording the loops and then performing over them...

  • Yes, the audio interface will include inputs for your microphone, or an instrument lead, and outputs to plug into a PA or amplifier etc.

    The internal mic and speakers of the iPad should then be disabled and everything is heard through the sound system.

    Yes, you can still sing over the recorded loops.

  • Check e-bay for really inexpensive microphones for the iPad. I bought a couple of different ones to play with and they were uber cheap, and sound pretty darned good for playing with loops. Use 'em with headphones, as suggested.

  • How do u mute the internal ipad mic?

  • @ah2k10 - typically, if you have another mic or sound card (audio interface) connected it will automatically be turned off. If you don't have one of those, but just want the internal mic muted, we'll, there isn't a quick way to mute it. If your just using Loopy, you could go into Settings > Privacy > Microphone and turn it Off for Loopy. This of course it not something you would do in the middle of looping as it takes a bit of time.

    Hope that clarifies it. If not, more details about what you are trying to do.

  • ...Unless you mean how do you disable monitoring, @Ah2k10 - that's "Enable Headphone Monitoring" in settings.

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