most basic Q --- how to connect?

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I am intrigued with Loopy but I can't find anything on the site that tells me what I need to connect my guitar..? I've seen some posts refer to iRig, but others say iRig is noisy. Then some others refer to some preamps, etc...

How do I connect my electric guitar into Loopy? How "clean" is the sampling in an iPad (I would use an iPad)?

Final Q: does Loopy include integrated effects --- basic ones like reverb and delay?



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    You can connect the CCK and use nearly every class compliant USB Interface or you buy a dedicated iOS Interface. There are a few of them, check the Web. iRig uses the audio (mic) input of the iPad and is therefore indeed not the best option.
    Loopy does not contain FX so far but you can use it together with audiobus and insert effects with audiobus compatibility.

  • Thanks. Sorry but I'm not technical... Would loopy work if I used any of the following?

    Alesis IO-Dock
    Alesis I/O-Mix4
    Mackie DL 806
    Apogee Quartet

    Thank you!

  • Does Loopy work with all "core audio"-capable products?

    There's all this terminology out there... Alesis says their IO-Dock will work with all apps that support "core audio"...

    Thank you!

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    Yep, any "core audio" USB device is class compliant and will work with Loopy. Here's a list for another iPad audio app, Auria. It is not a comprehensive list, but if it works with Auria, it will work with Loopy.

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