Anyone got experience with using Apogee One as a guitar and vocal Input? + audio effects apps

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Hi guys,

I need an interface to get a guitar and vocal input into my iPad Air running loopy. Apparently the Apogee One has lightening connection, great audio quality, charges your iPad, runs on batteries and can take an xlr and line input into your device at the same time.

Any one got experience of this?

Also, what would be a good "input" and "effects" app to run with Audio Bus to get some basic effects on the guitar and vocal for live use. Like reverb, compression and EQ etc?

Just want a super portable self contained guitar/vocal looping set up for live gigs and a bit of busking.

Any advice would be really useful!

I'm new to Loopy and IOS music, but this is what I do with my RC300:

Loving Loopy though, and want to make the jump from rc300 as soon as I get my set up sorted!


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