foot bluetooth with commands and midi notes?

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I knew blueboard unfortunately only sends commands, but does not send midi notes. If this information is incorrect, please correct me.

Also have seen a Nano pad and a nano kontrol be transformed into foot controller sending commands and midi notes, but only work via usb.

There is already some pedal or would have some form of commands and midi notes via bluetooth (working in the background as blueboard)?

The idea is to be able to control Loopy HD, and another app drums at the same time (example: kick and snare)


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    Couldn't you just convert the Blueboard PC or CC commands to midi notes via the stream byter in MidiBridge? I have converted midi notes to PC and CC, but not sure it works the other way around (seems like it should). Maybe try asking Nic over at the Audeonic soapbox forum.

  • I registered on the forum and I sent this question to him. thanks for the suggestion.

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