Using kaossPad/Vox/Trumpet with Loopy and ipod just to have a play about

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What would you use for inputs? Would I need an irig guitar gizmo or similar AND an irig Mic or would guitar thing handle a mic?


  • iRig and Ampkit and the like are OK for headphones use but the isolation of all the headphones socket type interface is not high enough to allow you to use these at any volume.
    For iPod/ iPhone the interface options are a bit slim. I am planning on trying out the Tascam iU2. Although I can't recomend it as there are reports of problems with the audio side of the interface (which Michael has indicated will be fixed in the next itteration of the SW)
    I would have a scan through the list in the FAQ :
    Let us all know what you go for and how well it works ;)
  • Don't know if I'll get as far as MIDI but am thinking the iXZ might be enough, have got a mini Behringer powered mixer (which will boost signal somewhere along the line) and a Boss ME-50 + Kaosspad2, trumpet and PA so plenty to play with...
  • It's not getting the volume level that is the problem with these type of headphone jack devices but the low isolation means that when you turn the volume up you get uncontrollable feedback.
    If you are considering using the interface in a live situation I would recommend something that plugged into the dock connector.
    I should point out that I have not tried the IXZ but I would assume that as it used the headphone jack it suffers the same issues as the others.
  • Hmm, yes, I second the suggestion of a dock connector interface (preferably a digital one - the Apogee JAM is digital, and can apparently take mic inputs, not just guitar; I've never used one though, so I don't know how good it is). The caveat with a dock connector is that it removes your ability to provide power to the device, unless what you plug into it also has a socket for power.
  • That's a shame, Apogee doesn't work with iPod, oh well, at least it can be crossed off.
  • At least it doesn't work with iPod 3, iAudioInterface does, but they are like hen's teeth it seems :-(
  • Hmm I'd never seen the iAudiointerface before but I guess that's partly because they do appear to be pretty rare!! Something like that would work a treat I would say.
  • seems iU2 not compatible with iPod3.
  • This is looking like unless I can find an iAudioInterface1, then a dock connector for ipod3 is a no go :-(
  • Tascam iXZ seems to be working tidy on first go, have got a Boostaroo coming too, still to test all the gear but just with trumpet and a very speedy test, looking good.
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