Mono Recording with Loopy

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I am trying to record a Micro Korg via a USB Fast Track Interface from M-Audio. However, the program does not seem to have a setting that would let me advise that I am sending a mono signal in order to record it and be able to hear it on both speakers. Garageband allows you to input a mono signal that then you can hear as if it was stereo. Is an update coming soon or do I need to make a configuration that I am not aware of? Thanks!


  • Again, I'm on it =)
  • Wow! What a quick response! Thanks! Is there an aprox date? Could I be a beta tester?
  • No future date? I am about to perform on a live concert this next Friday, I just want to know the aprox date since I want to know If I would need to buy an audio card with two inputs or maybe solve it with your update. Thanks!
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