MIDI support is coming. What do you want to do with it?

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I'm implementing MIDI support into Loopy, right now! It'll include clock sync (both send and receive, over USB MIDI via the CCK, over WiFi, and with other apps running on the same device), and a trainable control interface, so you can hook up footswitches (etc) and assign them to various actions (like, select next track, toggle record, toggle mute, etc).

But I'd love your feedback! My question is this: What do *you* want MIDI to do in Loopy? What functions do you want to be able to access? Just track select/record/mute? How about controlling volume or pan, or effects when they're implemented?


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    It would be useful if there was a timebased delay effect where you could control feedback/level and select time sync. 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 1 via midi

    Also lp/bp/hp filter sweeps via midi

    Will the effects be per track or master?
  • Cheers, @nerve.
    Effects: I'm planning for both per track, and master
  • A select ctrl to select the loop. And then controls for at least rec/mute/play/clear and volume for the selected loop.

    Can't wait! This will make loopy a great looping device compared to hardware loopers! My plan is to control loopy with my Nord Modular G2... Or if midi would let it: with a simple midi footswitch.
  • Annother approach i would use is dedicated controls for each loop. Instead of controls only for the slelected track only.
  • Thanks heaps, @Jan - great ideas!
  • If you guys added this, Loopy would be like 10x as powerful:

    VMP or, Virtual MIDI Ports!


    VMP is basically MIDI data that is playing/being played in one app but being sent to another app to use it's sound. It could work like this:

    You'd record a MIDI loop in Loopy, and then assign the loop to be sent to another app like, say, NLog Pro. And it would play using NLog's synth sounds with the MIDI notes being sent from Loopy! It'd be basically like having an app inside of Loopy! Sure, you could just Audio Copy and Paste a loop into Loopy, but, then you wont be able to change the edit the synth!

    What do you think?!
  • Actually, I'm afraid I won't be implementing MIDI recording, at least, no time soon - MIDI in Loopy will be clock sync and control (i.e. footswitches, controllers)
  • will you be able to import MIDI files to loop?
  • Nope - for now, MIDI will be strictly clock and control
  • Oh that looks so sick. When can I get that update?
  • From the future ;-)
  • @iOSMusicianBlog Since you mentioned MIDI loop recording, I can't stop thinking about it - I think I might actually build this =)
  • wow can't wait for this midi implementation - sounds fantastic! any chance for a midi controllable feedback control on each a loop that would essentially allow the loop to slowly decay out(and allow new sounds to be overdubbed on top)?
  • How about a drum machine mode where you could define some loops as 'one shot' samples and trigger then with a drum pad or keyboard controller.

    Another idea is using a keyboard mod wheel to do a crossfade between two or more loops... sort of like a dj mixer. Having the option to assign any loop to either A or B or neither to bypass the crossfader. Then the mod wheel or touch controller could be used to raise the volume of one side and lower the volume of the other as you move the mod wheel.
  • @offthesky - for sure, I'll be building something like this soon
    @subVert - I'll definitely consider the second idea; the first one isn't really what Loopy's about, though, I think.
  • Thanks for reading my ideas. Just for some clarification of the sampling... I enjoy the Smule Mad app for playing around with found sounds, but because it uses video+audio, the workflow isn't as smooth as Loopy for spontaneous ideas. My intent wasn't really to turn Loopy into a drum machine, but to have a way to trigger a few non loop sounds over the loops once the groove gets going. If the midi implementation is actually a note on/note off for the loops or even a stop start toggle, then it will probably be able to achieve what I am thinking about without turning Loopy into a drum machine.
  • Another idea that might achieve what you're after is to use a separate app that fulfils this functionality, along with Loopy - Loopy's sound works in the background, so you can use it in conjunction with other audio apps pretty easily, with the audio all mixed smoothly together by the device.
  • I'm trying to ditch my electro harmonix 2880 looper since i'm running into bugs and their support has vanished since their last os update 2 years ago. Loopy, an IPad and the Alesis IOSdock would replace the 2880 and would make looping sooooo much better. Adding in midi is the only thing that would be missing. Adding in midi looping and an lfo that sending midi values would make loopy complete with the $1400 octatrack.

    2880 midi implementation can be found here: http://www.ehx.com/assets/instructions/2880.pdf

    I have the behringer FCB1010 footpedal and being able to plug that into loopy would be sweet, 10 pedals and 2 expression pedals would give you a lot of control over loopy.

    I like what you're doing with this and wish I thought of it!

  • Cheers for the link, @tmwilson - sounds like pretty much everything I'm currently working on, clock sync (both in and out), and MIDI control, except Loopy's MIDI control is fully trainable, not fixed, so you can bind actions to any incoming MIDI message you like.
  • Here's the list of actions that MIDI events can be bound to in the next Loopy pre-release I'm building:

  • Looks good!
  • Hey, this would be so awesome. That list looks great, one thing I'd like to add is:
    - select specific tracks not just next/prev

    just for reference, my current FCB bindings using a laptop looper are:
    1 - select track 1, rec/overdub
    2- select track 2, rec/overdub
    etc.. thru track 5

    So it basically acts like five sync'd loopstation pedals.

    Also it would be really cool if it was able to detect long-press or double-press for actions, I currently bind long-tap to clear current loop for example. But I can put these on the second row.

    Not midi, but the other thing that I'd love to see, and maybe loopy does this and I just haven't figured it out, is to set the "feedback level" for a track. So you can leave a track in overdub mode and it will keep overdubbing but the older audio will slowly (or quickly) fade out. This is a great way to create "evolving" sounds. I've currently got one pedal on the FCB set to "feedback level" and the other set to "track volume".

    But all of this is icing on the MIDI cake. Just the midi controls you listed already would be great.

  • Thanks for the feedback!!

    I think I've gotcha covered for the first thing - any track-based action (rec, mute, etc) can be applied either to the selected track, or a particular track - it's a setting in the binding screen.

    Very interesting idea about long taps - I hadn't thought of that!

    Feedback will definitely be coming - it's going to be in the first set of fx/track effectors that I work on.

  • How about start a recording with the "overdub after record" setting?

    Thanks for the good work, looking forward to the update!
  • Good idea, @theGoOzer - consider it done =)
  • would it be possible to make a mono track input into a stereo track output?
    (practical if one would record with the io-dock with only one mic)
  • As an action controlled via MIDI, do you mean? (If not, could you elaborate, on a new discussion thread?)
  • Oh yes, sorry... I'll start a new thread on that topic.

    An other idea:
    Maybe add an option "select track before record" by manually tapping and highlighting a track on your ipad before recording, so you only need to assign 1 footswitch (and not necessarily need to select a track via MIDI)

  • Oh, that's not a bad idea - I'll see if I can think of a way to do it sensibly.
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