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Midi support?

Hi there, great looper! Is there any plan of supporting midi control of loopy? I can picture this being a better live looper for guitar than any of the pedals I've seen...


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    CoreMIDI MIDI Sync alone would provide a lot of usefulness with other gear.
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    I'm happy to announce that MIDI is coming very soon - with both trainable control inputs and sync via MIDI cable, via network and between apps on the same device =)

    They were going to be in 1.0, but I wanted to put the time into making sure everything was reasonably solid, first. But now it's out, it's the very next thing on my agenda.

    Oh, and thanks heaps! =)
  • That´s very nice to hear! It would be cool to be able to start recording, overdubbing and switching the loop via midi. Very useful while playing something diffrent with your hands!
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