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Loopy HD defaults all loops at 120 bpm with midi remote start.

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Using a Roland ax7 ketar which has a start/stop switch .I connect to looper via a yamaha imx1midi interface to apple iPad .It starts and stops fine but all loops are defaulting 120 bpm.does not do this when I by pass midi and start normally I.e on the screen .,but as soon as I use external start everything jumps to 120 bpm..How can I get the loops to play at right tempo when I use remote midi start.Seems looper is unable to maintain it's internal tempo when I use remote start .my rc 50 never did this.


  • Hi @hottatunes - I'm not quite following you yet; what actions have you bound to the MIDI message in question?
  • I try to sync THE app to external clock.... Not working. As master is ok. Korg drum (iElectribe) machine reacts to the external clock. Is on iPad
  • @Arthur, have you tried stopping the clock at the master, and starting it again? Once you connect, Loopy listens for a "clock start" message to begin syncing.
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