Simultaneous USB input audio + midi

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Hi there,
I am using loopy with TC HELICON VoiceLive PLAY GTX hooked via the USB output of VLP GTX through a camera connection kit. It works very nicely a part a small issue with channels (must exclude overdubbing) that will be fixed in the new release of Loopy.
I would like to use an input Midi pedal to control loopy while playing guitar.
Would it be possible to connect the pedal through USB to a USB hub, connect the USB output of VLP GTX to the same hub, connect the hub to the iPad through camera connection kit and having simoultsneously midi and stereo audio signal into loopy?


  • Hey @Mennix! I don't see any reason why that shouldn't work - the iPad's CCK gives you an ordinary USB interface, so that'll work fine with a hub.
  • Thanks Michael,
    I will try. I am still have to make my mind up for a MIDI control pedal. As I am using the TC Helicon Voice Live Play GTX as an interface both for guitar and voice I am using USB to connect with iPad / Loopy. Still I am experiencing some issue. Sometimes I have a noisy feedback after a certain amount of time I am using the application. It is probably related to the the IO issue you mentioned it sill be upgraded in next version.
    In any case I take the opportunity to congratulate for delivering such an app. It is the best looper around, software and hardware, made with musicians (even hobbyist one like me) in mind!!
    Looking forward for the update!

  • Thanks heaps for the kind words, @Mennix =) Yeah, I suspect the new update will fix those issues - when it's out, do let me know if you continue to see issues, though!
  • Hola! Espero poder preguntar en español. Acabo de instalar la nueva actualización de Loopy y tengo los mismos inconvenientes descritos por Mennix, cuando grabo mis loops escuchando através de mi voicelive play todo va bién, pero cuando quiero grabar otros loops en los demás espacios disponibles, se graba también el audio que se está reproduciendo. Cuando lo hago conectando los auriculares al IPad, todo funciona bién durante unos segundos, hasta que comienza a escucharse un delay de lo que se escucha, además de ruidos, clips, etc... Hay alguna opción de configuración que se pueda realizar? Gracias de antemano!
  • Hi @Gusab - I'm sorry about the delay.
    I don't know why you're hearing delayed audio and noise/clips - have you tried rebooting your device? Are you just using a normal headset, plugged in via the headphone socket? Are you using the latest version?


    Hola @ Gusab - Lo siento por el retraso.
    No sé por qué estás escuchando audio retardado y el ruido / clips - ¿Has probado de reiniciar el dispositivo? ¿Usted apenas está usando un auricular normal, conectado a través de la toma de auriculares? ¿Está utilizando la versión más reciente?

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