Loopy : independent loop outputs ? into Audiobus and external gear.

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Hi. Given Loopy's developer is also developing Audiobus, I'm assuming there will be integration, but will this go so far as to allow each loop to be a seperate output into Audiobus so that each loop , or different groups of loops could be routed to different apps for audio processing such as fx?
Would seperate outputs to external multi-out interfaces also be possible, both via Audiobus and straight from Loopy ?


  • Hey - Yep, each track will be an output port (and an input port), so you'll be able to route audio independently into and out of any track.

    We're not quite ready to announce anything about multi-channel hardware interfaces, although I will say I'm well aware of the possibilities and want to get it right.
  • Wow! This will be amazing. Great work.
  • Cheers =)
  • Ok sorry if maybe I'm pushing you as you werent quite ready to discuss multi outputs ,
    but having watched the Audiobus demo videos they seem to show audio streaming over wifi .
    Would this mean that I could get an ipod touch (or two ) for additional synths/fx processing and route audio 1. IN ? And 2 .OUT ? back into my ipad via Audiobus over wifi, therefore WITHOUT THE NEED OF AUDIO INTERFACES for the ipods ? ( worth shouting about if correct ! )
    And consequently , would this mean if I bought a multi input / output IpAd audio device I could route synth 1 and synth 2 on ipOd touch independently across Audiobus wifi out to audio interface outputs 1/2 and 3/4 respectively ?

    Am I thinking ahead too far , or grabbing your coat tails as you trailblaze IOS open ?
    Any hints would be useful as I plan future purchase directions...
  • Hey @Wally - part 1 - yes, that's the idea, you'll be able to route audio around between devices (sneak peek: http://yfrog.com/kgkfcap)

    We are aware of how desirable it'd be to be able to route to independent channels of a multi-channel audio interface with Audiobus, and will most definitely be doing this shortly. Whether it makes it into the initial Audiobus release is still up for debate, though, although I'd like to do it if I can.
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