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Sorry if this is a really stupid question to ask, but I seem to have problems transferring my recordings over. They show up in my iTunes under the file sharing, but when I drag them over into My Documents it appears as "file" under file type and 0KB. I have also tried dragging it into my iTunes library, and converting the file online, but nothing happens. I don't have wifi so I can't email it to myself or post it on Facebook- am I doing something wrong?
Any advice at all is really appreciated, as I need my recording for coursework.


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    Hi @JennyLomax - Sorry about the delay. It seems to me that your iTunes installation is broken, assuming the recordings are actually there and working in Loopy itself.

    Rather than try to debug your setup, it's probably easiest to grab iExplorer from
  • I've recently struggled to do this too. None of the machines that have done it in the past will let me transfer files via iTunes now. I downloaded iExplorer but that doesn't seem to like it either :-(

    What I did was copy the files and paste them into Multitrack DAW so that i kept them as .caf files and could then extract them from the Multitrack App via wifi using a web browser.

    I would DEFINITELY look at web browser transfer for the next update as it helps bypass this kind of thing.

  • Interesting - out of curiosity, are you on Windows too, Peter?
  • Yep, windows. Couldn't get it too work on xp or 7. That browser transfer was a godsend. Works a treat with Multitrack DAW & Nanostudio - though that has a downloadable software front end.
  • Seems like iTunes has some bugs under Windows - what a drag. I'll have a think about network transfer.
  • Hi guys,
    my situation is a little different,
    it doesn't show recordings on itunes,
    although it does sessions.
    maybe there is a bug on recordings.
    (the file name shown on pc is
    "27 22_28.loopyrecording" which appears unusual, right?)

    Finally found the file via i-funbox at;
    raw file system-var-mobile-application-
    as "27 22:28.loopyrecording.aiff"

    version info:
    windows7 64bit
    iphone3GS 32g
    Loopy2 ver...couldn't find out, not the latest one at least
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    Possible that iTunes on windows doesn't know what to do with caf files and subsequently does silly things?
  • It could be, yeah - I just recommend people use iExplorer ( on Windows.
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