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Audible 'clicks' and 'pops'

edited April 2012 in General
Hey there! Have been using Loopy to record large chunks of my next record and in doing so have noticed a couple of things.

I noticed a while ago when making a Loopy recording by playing with pre-recorded loops in a session, that I would get noticeable audio clicks and pops - definite glitching sounds, like when you push the CPU of a computer too hard. This worried me at first as I didn't feel i was pushing the app too hard but I noticed that on the audio file of the recording they WERE NOT audible so this wasn't/isn't a problem.

However, I've noticed when recording recently that if these same audible clicks and pops happen whilst i'm recording a loop they stay in the loop and are there for good, pretty much ruining it. I thought at first that it may have been me overloading the signal but I did a lot of checking and this wasn't the case. I also thought it might be electrical interference from the capacitive screen but that doesn't seem to tie in either.

I've been able to overcome this problem for stuff I've recorded for release by just re-recording that loop and double checking it's clean but i can't do that when i use the app live at gigs (which I'm pretty close to being able to do, which is very exciting!) as the noise sounds pretty bad when going through a PA. Also rules it out when I'm improvising and then taking those loops over to another project.

I'm using Loopy on an iphone 4 with an Apogee Jam with no other apps running and in airplane mode.

I made a recording of a session I did where this occurred (over several different loops) which i can send you if what an example of what I mean. I'm going to get the HD version for my partners ipad to see if the same occurs on her machine. By the way, none of this dampens my love of the app - it has allowed me to develop and create ideas so easily and is but a few steps away from replacing a lot of hardware.


  • Thanks heaps for the feedback, Peter! Good news: I've fixed this this week, after a huge, huge refactor and optimisation binge. Will be releasing an update soon.
  • Then that would be awesome!

    Nice one, Michael.
  • Can't wait, Michael!!!!
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