Interface is completely buggy on the new iPad

edited April 2012 in Support and Feedback
Seriously, it's unusable.


  • I'm sorry to hear that! But I am working on it as we speak =)
  • By the way, just so I know I've covered everything... Can you be more specific than "unusable"? ;-)
  • He is right, the buttons are smaller then on my frist iPad, and the text is falling away.
    Not readable, and it looks strange.
    On my frist iPad it works wonderfull, thanks!!

    Are you working on fx on the update too? I like fx's. Delay echo reverb.
    And maybe à little edit function to make the sample shorter.

    The last thing is not nessesery. Oh my stupid english :).

    Sorry about that.
  • Oh, that's lovely :P New update, which will drop soon, is lovely on iPad 3. Sorry about the wait, though.
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