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Can I use this to trigger samples independently of the BPM?

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I would like to use this app (or something similar) with a live band, but would like to trigger the sample manually each time it needs to be played. This means if the musicians vary in tempo slightly during the song the loops can be triggered back in time.

As I see this app at the moment, it sticks strictly to the BPM and so if the drummer wanders on the BPM (I know it shouldn't happen but it is does!) the loops would find them out of time. It would also be complex to get the loops starting in time with the rest of the band.

Any suggestions on how this can be done? If not on Loopy then perhaps another app?



  • Hey,

    Loopy's not really a sampler, so you can't trigger samples so much as mute/unmute loops. But you can correct a wandering tempo by using the tempo tapper (either via MIDI control or on the interface itself) - just tap in time and it'll sync to the tempo you're tapping.

    It's also common to give your drummer a metronome feed to keep him in time - Loopy doesn't make that incredibly easy yet, although it's an issue I'm aware of - one option is to create your own metronome loop, pan it to one side (left or right) and give that channel exclusively to the drummer, using the other channel as the general output.

    In future I'll be adding support for multitrack audio interfaces and an option to push the metronome out a specific track so you can still have stereo output.
  • Thanks Michael!
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